Alright. I think that’s enough for now. Thank you very much. Look at that.
Alright. Now, let me tell you something about direct democracy.

Nee nee nee. Dit is precies het probleem.
Precies. Dat eeuwige concensus-zoeken.
Weet je, mensen hebben het over wij/zij-denken, he?

In English, Margit.

Ik ben hier gekomen omdat ik dacht… Weet je, ik weet niet eens waarom ik er ben.

We zijn heel blij dat je er bent.

Mag ik dan alsjeblieft mijn eigen taal spreken?
Engels ook echt. Imperialistische… Wat voor signaal geef je daarmee af?
English English blah blah blah. Okay. As I was saying, some people say it’s wrong to think us/them, we/you… Ik weet niet eens hoe je dit zegt.
We’re not supposed to point fingers, ‘cause it’s not productive.
I’m sure your parents… -The Blame Game, that’s what call it!
This is what they say: “nobody’s wrong, we all contribute to the system, we’re all responsible.” “The only bad people are people that think that there are bad people.” Right?
But what does that mean, really?
It means: morality is dead, and nobody is ever responsible for anything.
That’s insane.
These things: wars, genocide, rape of the planet, they don’t just happen. They’re not crimes of passion. Somebody made that decision.
We have been talked into thinking we can’t blame them. Thinking it’s our fault.
Thinking that me, driving a car, is as important, if not more important, as some asshole building an oil-platform atop a coral reef.
It’s like we, as a society, have shrugged off the notion of causality. Everything just goes Randomly wrong, it seems.
Bankers finance everything that’s wrong with the world, then destroy the economy. We protest. We’re done.
Politicians get together in Kopenhagen and decide, “meh, who cares?” We protest. And we’re done.
Nobody is held accountable. Nobody is brought to justice.
Have we learned nothing from our Arab brothers and sisters?
Protests are the start, not the ending.
Let me tell you: up there, it’s one guy. The right guy says yes, it happens. The right guy says no, it doesn’t.
But for some reason, down here, we think numbers matter. We think: if a million people say no. If two-million, well, three-million, surely if we gather four-million people, then it’ll change. But it doesn’t. ‘cause They’re all just “some people.”

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